Want to start a brand? Here,we have top 13 packaging design websites for you!

Want to start a brand? Here,we have top 13 packaging design websites for you!

2013-03-06 14:00:07

Want to start a new brand? 

Here,we have top 13 packaging design websites for you!




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When it comes to packaging websites, first of all, THE DIELINE is right. Not only is there a blog about packaging design sharing, but it also provides designers with a wealth of product packaging case appreciation and packaging design reviews, sharing world-class classic packaging design trends Design inspiration.


Packaging World


Filling bottling line,Capper,Sealer,Labeler,Packaging machinery

Packaging World website is rich in resources, providing packaging designers with a wealth of professional information on packaging and manufacturing automation. The website updates articles about packaging inspiration, equipment and materials every day to ensure that the audience is kept up to date with the latest news on packaging design.


Shopping Design


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"Shopping Design" is a Taiwan-based analytical media dedicated to the interpretation of product packaging design and sales concepts. It is also a proponent of aesthetic movement and creative life. Let readers feel together in the design that they can see, buy and experience And enjoy the good life.


Lovely Package


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If you are a complete "packaging control person", especially the incompetent resistance to small packages overflowing with the heart of young girls, then you must visit this website, its website name is enough to explain everything.

The station showcases some successful design cases in the packaging design industry, from wine bottles, toothpaste to kitchenware ... everything! I hope that you will get a lot of inspiration from the 300+ project browsing interface.




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An orthodox packaging design website. The website is characterized by the cloud covering the most advanced design concepts of designers from all over the world, the latest industry news, and mining industry stars to provide resources and display platforms.


Packaging design archive


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If you are looking for packaging design inspiration, this website is undoubtedly one of your best choices. The website contains various design works and has been placed in different directories according to categories.




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"Aisleone" is a website created by a designer who grew up in Queens, New York. It organizes the beauty of modern graphic design that he considers worthy of appreciation. The website covers the theme of graphic design, typography, minimalism, and modernism. Here, You can see high quality creative inspiration.




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"Kawacolle" is a Japanese site dedicated to collecting a variety of products. It can also be called "cute stuff". Whenever a blogger sees a beautiful product package, he will collect it. Here you can enjoy a variety of cute packaging design products.




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IzLogo: AiZan Packaging Design Network is the best packaging creative design sharing website, which brings together professional product packaging creative design cases, packaging design tutorials, food packaging design, beverage packaging design, foreign packaging design. Many excellent packaging ideas such as beverage packaging design.


Brand New


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The website content focuses on corporate and brand image, and there is a huge number of inspirational packaging design cases, comparable to the library collection. But this is not just a website that showcases works. The website also provides a communication platform for designers and experts.




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Ambalaj is the personal website of Swedish packaging designer Kristina de Verdier. If you want to see some inspiring packaging design cases, she has carefully selected new works from around the world, as they describe on their website: "Materials Innovation, sustainable development, packaging structure, graphic design, and moving brand stories. "




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BP & O is a blog website operated and edited by Richard Baird, a British freelance designer. Baird will regularly update the latest product designs on the website and share his ideas and opinions.




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Pentawards: World Packaging Design Competition Network is the first and only competition in the world focusing on various packaging designs. It is for everyone in all countries who are connected with packaging creation and marketing. Depending on the quality of the creation, the winner will be awarded a Pentawards bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond award.