• 2019/03/17 Scott Duffy

    We have three bench Gerong Filling machines that between them, turn out 1/4 million units per year with practically zero downtime - they just keep going. As such, we will continue to work with Universal to supply equipment to meet increase in demand for our products.

    Thank you,we will try our best to satisfy our customers.
  • 2019/03/08 Tom Marek

    We purchased the Gerong essential oil bottling packer to run on one of our higher speed lines. Since the line ran so good more products were added and we now have a total of 10 packing heads. The changeover process is simple and the ease of setup is a big reason why this line performs so well.

    Thank you for your puschasing and we growing together with your good company.
  • 2019/03/08 Dan Lee

    Gerong Manufacturing & Service has been a pleasure to work with over the years and I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy any of the products they manufacture. They build efficient, long-lasting machines and stand behind them with a 100% money-back guarantee. Their service technicians are skilled, helpful and promote the Gerong name with pride. Being a smaller company, they have the ability to tend to each of their customers whenever/wherever. They pride themselves on service, and their customer support is second to none. We strongly support Gerong and their dedication to their customers.

    Thank you for your trust and support all the time.
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