Four secret tips for packaging equipment companies to enter the market faster!

Four secret tips for packaging equipment companies to enter the market faster!

2020-02-27 11:40:10

Four tips for packaging equipment companies to enter the market faster!

With the expansion of the generic drug market and the rising demand for new and flexible packaging equipment in the pharmaceutical market, the market prospects for pharmaceutical packaging equipment will be broader. For pharmaceutical companies or packaging equipment companies, this market will have great development in the future.

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Some experts said that from the perspective of packaging equipment companies, in the face of market dividends, packaging equipment companies must seize market opportunities and combine market demand to grasp the development trend of pharmaceutical packaging and develop and produce more suitable for actual needs.

It is reported that at present, the global pharmaceutical packaging trend mainly presents the following four points.

First, the demand for plastic bottles is high. It is estimated that by 2020, the global sales volume of plastic pill bottles will reach 20.6 billion US dollars. At the same time, lightweighting will be an important trend for plastic bottles.

"Because when a plastic package is successfully lightweighted, the resin materials used in the plasticizing process will be reduced." Packaging technicians said that this not only effectively saves resources, reduces costs, but also reduces waste. Emissions and protect the environment.

In response to the plastic bottle market, industry insiders suggest that packaging equipment companies should combine the needs of lightweight plastic bottles, upgrade related equipment, and constantly improve the industry's technological innovation level, process manufacturing level, management level and financial strength, and use modern capital means to expand Strengthen the market, eliminate backward enterprises and improve overall strength.

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Second, the industry is paying more attention to child-resistant packaging. More and more parents and manufacturers are pinning their hopes on innovative packaging, hoping to develop more child-resistant packaging to ensure the safety of children's medication.

In this regard, packaging equipment companies must not only ensure that the equipment can produce products with high quality and safety performance, but also develop equipment products that can meet the requirements of new child-resistant packaging.

Third, environmental protection is gaining more and more attention. For pharmaceutical companies, in the context of environmental protection, pharmaceutical companies need to fulfill their social responsibilities and produce a drug, and the ultimate goal of their packaging is how to win more pharmacies' sales share with fewer and more environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, environmental protection, energy saving, and green have become important factors for packaging equipment companies to consider.

Fourth, the use of blister packs will continue to grow. Blister packaging is a packaging method for sealing a product between a blister formed from a transparent plastic sheet and a base plate.

Because the blister package has good sealing performance, it has the practicability of protecting drugs, and it can put a fixed shape product into a cavity and attach a layer of film material to the packaging process so that it can be controlled according to the product design. This sets the tone for the continued expansion of the blister packaging market.

In response to the market demand for blister packaging, industry insiders said that the market space for blister packaging will also expand, and blister packaging equipment companies welcome development opportunities. Related equipment companies can invest more energy in research and development and production of blister packaging equipment to improve performance.

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The author has learned that there have been reports on the packaging equipment market forecast: by 2022, the global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market will increase significantly from US $ 5.933 million in 2017 to US $ 824 million, with a compound growth rate of approximately 6.8%.

It can be seen that the future prospects of the packaging equipment market are relatively optimistic. Nevertheless, packaging equipment companies still have to follow the development trend of the packaging industry and design and develop more new production equipment to meet the specific needs and wishes of pharmaceutical companies and patients.

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