Food plastic packaging will be more green in the future!

Food plastic packaging will be more green in the future!

2019-03-05 17:00:22

Food plastic packaging will be more green in the future!

With the intensification of environmental and ecological problems, environmental protection vocabulary such as green, low-carbon, and sustainable has received increasing attention. In the field of food and beverage, many companies have begun to try to integrate the concept of environmental protection into their products, and some innovative environmentally friendly plastic packaging has begun to enter the public eye. Judging from the current development trend, the plastic packaging industry will change in the future, and the new plastic economy will slowly approach our lives.

By 2020, the packaging market value is about 9970 billion dollars

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According to Smithers Pira, by 2020, the packaging market is valued at approximately $ 997 billion, and sustainability will be a key factor to be considered. More and more people are eager to find new ways to deal with waste plastics, and are committed to using bio-based materials to make new and degradable plastics to achieve sustainable packaging materials.

New plastic material is the direction of development

In the food field, the problem of waste overflow caused by excessive packaging is receiving increasing attention and attention. Large food supermarkets such as Wal-Mart and Carrefour recently signed the "Global Commitment Letter for the New Plastics Economy." The report of the World Economic Forum shows that the future development direction of the packaging field is the new plastic economy, that is, adopting a new way of thinking and implementing the principles of circular economy. The specific paths include three ways to deal with recycling, rejecting pollution and using degradable materials. Initiatives.


Some companies begin to implement sustainable plastic packaging plan

Saltwater Brewery, based in Florida, USA, has partnered with advertising agency We Believers to create a portable packaging ring that can hold 6 cans of beer. Most importantly, this portable packaging ring is made of wheat from the beer brewing process. Is a 100% degradable edible product. Even if these abandoned packaging rings are accidentally eaten by sea turtles and sea fish, they will not cause harm to them. "For us, this is a huge investment," said Peter Agardy, Brand Lead at Saltwater Brewery.

Eco For Life is a brand of Marco Polo Intercontinental Limited, a plant-based bottle made from degradable plants that are plastic-free, chemical-free and non-toxic. It is reported that this bottle is made of 100% polylactic acid (PLA for short). Compared with the production of PET plastic bottles, carbon emissions have been reduced by more than 60%, and the use of fossil fuels has been reduced by 50%, which means that they can be safely recycled and used without causing any harm to the environment.

Future food plastic packaging industrial will give more meanings

At present, many brands such as McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Deliveroo and Iceland have promised to no longer use plastic packaging or use 100% sustainable plastic packaging. We can foresee the foreseeable future of food packaging from the promises of these big brands, but technical barriers, production costs, and consumption habits are the real pressures faced by innovative environmentally friendly packaging. For large-scale enterprises that have already matured, it may take a long time to implement large-scale production on the basis of controlling costs.

Judging from the new attempts of various enterprises in the field of food plastic packaging, food packaging is comprehensively developing in six directions, including convenience, personalization, functionalization, sterility, intelligence, and greenness. People no longer simply consider the design of the package from the appearance and practicality, but will consider how to maximize its value from the perspective of functionality and sustainability. It seems that a small food plastic packaging is actually given It has more realistic meaning, and it also conveys people's concept of a better life in the future.