Semi automatic 4 heads perfume negative pressure vacuum filling machine cosmetic fragrance liquid floral water filling machine for glass bottles

Semi automatic 4 heads perfume negative pressure vacuum filling machine cosmetic fragrance liquid floral water filling machine for glass bottles

Semi automatic 4 heads perfume negative pressure vacuum filling machine cosmetic fragrance liquid floral water filling machine for glass bottlesModel:GR-NF04Filling volume:5-150mlBottle height range:≤

  • Product Name: Semi automatic 4 heads perfume negative pressure vacuum filling machine
  • Model: GR-NF04
  • Machine Type: Filling Machinery
  • Packaging Material: Bottles glass container
  • Dimension: 660×470×1330mm

Semi automatic 4 heads perfume negative pressure vacuum filling machine cosmetic fragrance liquid floral water filling machine for glass bottles


Filling volume:5-150ml

Bottle height range:≤250mm

Applicable bottle openning mouth diameter:≤φ20mm

Minimum diameter of the bottle opening mouth:≤φ4.5mm

Adjustable liquid level (away from the bottle's bottom):26-50mm


Motor Power:0.75KW

Pumping rate:5.5 (liters / sec)

Adapt to ambient temperature:0-30 ° C




Production capacity:10-40 bottles / min

Semi automatic 4 heads vacuum water filling machine Model:GR-NF04 is a negative pressure semi-automatic filling machine for the filling of floral water, perfume and other water-based materials. The machine is filled with negative pressure and fixed liquid level, and has four sizes and six heads. It has a constant liquid level metering performance, the liquid level can be adjusted, the machine is compact and reasonable, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and the parts in contact with the material are made of 304 stainless steel. It is suitable for filling glass bottles, plastic bottles and other containers that are not easily deformed after vacuuming.

It is designed and developed on the basis of the semi-automatic vacuum filling machine approved by the customers. It is suitable for the filling of products with good fluidity such as various water agents and high foam products. 

The machine is compact and reasonable in design, simple in appearance, controlled by PLC, and draws the product into the container with continuous vacuum suction. When the product is filled into the outer tube of the filling head, the excess product is pumped back into the barrel, and the filling liquid The height of the surface is determined by the depth of the filling head into the container. Therefore, regardless of whether the filling container is consistent, the filling liquid level can be kept the same, the returning barrel is of medical grade, and the product in the barrel can be reused.



Work Principle
 A. The work principle of this machine(discharge material by itself type)is: switch on the handle valve to connect the air source. Put the filling container right under the filling head, make use of the spring force of the baffle to make filling container upright and seal with filling head. At this time cam open mechanical valve, make the valve of vacuum bottle closed and the suction valve open, make the vacuum generator generate vacuum(negative pressure) 

B. vacuum system formed(vacuum bottle-filling head-filling container-silica gel tube of filling head).vacuum suction drive the materials filling into the container. the height of filling the materials in the container rise to the height of the external wrapped tube of the filling head. As the vacuum suction get through the external wrapped tube and suck up materials in the container into vacuum bottle and keep materials in the container a certain height all the time until the filling container removed. the vacuum generator stopped occurring vacuum as mechanical valve closed. suction tube closed. valve of the vacuum bottle opened, materials reflow into the barrel due to gravity, and one time cycle filling finished. 



1.This machine adopts imported parts, piston and cylinder which made of stainless steel and polytetrafluoroethylene. Excellent qualified imported components and perfect mechanical  design ensure its leading position among domestic similar machine.

2.The new vertical design, light and easy to operate.

3. Switch function between manual and automatic: when machine is in “automation” condition, machine will fill continuously with set speed: when it is under “manual” condition, operator step on footplate to realize filling. If stepping footplate continuously, it will change to continuous filling condition. Cylinder and three-way parts use cuff connection which is easy to remove. It does not need any special tools so it is easy to clean

4.Anti-leaking filling system: the closure head is moved when the cylinder moves up and down during filling. When the closure head down by cylinder,, then valve will open and start to fill material; when it up by cylinder, valve will close and stop to fill and avoid leaking and wire drawing.

5.The negative filling method can improve the filling speed,reduce the perfume contact with air, make sure the quality of the perfume ,and prolong the shelf life.

 6.The filling head can be chosen according to your capacity.


Machine parts pictures in details:








Perfume filling machine is used for filling floral water, perfume and other water-bassed materials







Filling nozzles:




II. Check before starting

Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether all parts of the machine are normal, so as to avoid mechanical failure or personal injury.

III. Inspection contents and operation:

1. Whether the front and rear clamping handles are clamped.

2. Whether the three end clamps of the inlet and outlet tees are clamped.

3. Whether the filling head is clamped.

4. Connect the air pressure air source, the pressure is<8kg/cm2, and the air load pressure is 4-5kg/cm2.

5, open the air source switch,

(Note: It is strictly forbidden to work for a long time)

IV, adjustment of filling accuracy

The filling error is mainly determined by the filling amount, the filling speed, and the switching speed of the upper and lower check valve.

V, cleaning and maintenance

Before cleaning the piston filling machine, the remaining product in the machine should be cleaned and then in the tank.

Fill with a gentle cleaning solution. The company recommends using warm water. Use soapy water, alcohol or other cleaning solution if needed.

When cleaning, make sure the O-ring is installed. Turn on the machine and allow the machine to be recirculated until it is cleaned and thoroughly cleaned of all parts in contact with the material, including piston cylinders, piston heads, O-rings, check valves, cans, feeds, hoppers, etc. When cleaning all seals, it should include the O-ring of the piston, the flat seal of the valve, and replace the broken and damaged seal.

WARNING: Check that compressed air is off before cleaning.

If not turned off, turn off the compressed air.

Do not use organic solvents to clean the machine.

Such as gasoline, benzene, xylene, banana water, sodium hypochlorite and so on.

After all parts have been cleaned, it is recommended to wait until the parts are dry and install, and make sure that no water or other debris enters the air pressure tube and the connection body.

VI. Solutions to common faults:

1. Unable to pick up material:

– check if the air pressure source is turned on and the air source is accurate;

- Check if the hand valve is opened to open the air supply;

- check if the pressure regulator is opened to the required air pressure;

- Check the bottle for deformation, unevenness, damage, failure to seal, and vacuum formation;

- Check if the bottle is loose and the positioning is accurate, resulting in failure to seal and replacement.

- Check if the cam opens the mechanical valve and adjust the height;

- Check the filling head gasket for damage and replacement;

- Check the inlet and outlet hoses for damage and replacement;

- Check if the liquid return bottle is damaged, tightened, and the seal inside the bottle is damaged, resulting in unsealed, repaired or replaced;

- Check the vacuum generator for damage, repair or replacement,

2. Filling speed is slow:

– Check if the bottle is loose and the positioning is accurate, resulting in poor sealing and adjustment;

– check the filling head seal for damage and replacement;

– check the vacuum generator for damage, blockage, repair or replacement;

– Check whether the inlet and outlet pipes are blocked by foreign matter and should be dredged;

– Check that the liquid return bottle is well sealed, repaired or replaced;

3. There are dripping:

Check if the clamping cylinder clamps the inlet and outlet hoses and adjust.

4. Filling speed is slow:

Check the air pressure and adjust.

VII, the conditions of use of the machine

Air pressure: 4kg/cm2—6kg/cm2