Double heads cream paste filling machine vertical semi automatic filler equipment for cosmetic jars bottles

Double heads cream paste filling machine vertical semi automatic filler equipment for cosmetic jars bottles

Double heads cream paste filling machine with hopperTech parameter:Model:GR-VF02HAuto/semi auto: semi autoBuilding material:304SUS/316SUSAccuracy:±0.5%Filling speed:20-50 bottles per minute (Base on 1

  • Product Name: Double heads cream paste filling machine
  • Model: GR-VF02H
  • Machine Type: Filling Machinery
  • Packaging Material: Bottles container
  • Dimension: 700x540x1760mm

Double heads cream paste filling machine with hopper

Tech parameter:


Auto/semi auto: semi auto

Building material:304SUS/316SUS


Filling speed:20-50 bottles per minute (Base on 100ml bottle)

Bottle diameter range:20-80mm

Bottle height:30-500mm

Air pressure:0.4MPA-0.8MPA


Filling nozzles quantity: 2 nozzles

Hopper loading capacity:50L

Filling range:10-1000ml

Filling materials: High viscosity liquid,flow cream,paste,liquid

This filling machine(Model:GR-VF02H) is suitable filling equipment for medicine, daily chemical, food, pesticide and special industries. It is suitable for filling various materials such as paste, milk, shampoo and detergent. It has fast filling speed and can be automatically and continuously filled. This machine is controlled by compressed air and does not require external power supply. Therefore, it is especially suitable for use in environments with explosion-proof requirements and humidity. It is highly safe.



1.The working principle of the vertical constant temperature paste filling machine is: the piston in the material cylinder is reciprocated by the up and down movement of the cylinder, so that the front chamber of the material cylinder generates a negative pressure. When the cylinder moves downward, the piston is pulled downward, and the front chamber of the cylinder generates a negative pressure. The material in the supply tank is sucked into the tank by the atmosphere, and enters the tank through the check valve. When the cylinder moves upward, push the piston forward and squeeze the material. The material enters the empty bottle to be filled through the one-way valve in the discharge joint to complete the filling.

2.GR vertical series filling machine is based on the reference of foreign similar products and has been redesigned and added some additional functions. It makes the product more in operation, precision error, capacity adjustment, equipment cleaning and maintenance. Simple and convenient, the equipment adopts imported cylinders from Taiwan, and the contact parts with materials are made of stainless steel 316L. After machining by CNC machine tools, the surface roughness of the parts is less than 0.8, in line with GMP standards.

3.Beautiful and novel appearance, compact structure;

4.The whole machine is equipped with barrels, countertops, bottom pulleys, etc. The shape is bright and easy to use;

5.No dripping when filling is done;

6.Equipped with travel indicator, accurate measurement, and stepless adjustment, stable and reliable work;



The filler can be used for filling liquid, cream and paste products. Such as water, cooking oil, shampoo, dishwashing liquid, hand sanitizer, washing liquid, essential oil, essence 4 liquid, etc. Self - suction feeding, high degree of automation. Can choose whether need hopper, table, etc., can order single, double. Filling volume a adjustment. For materials of different viscosity, the suction speed can be adjusted to obtain good self-suction effect. The filling speed can be adjusted according to the proficiency of the operator. The filling head Angle and height can be adjusted to adapt to different bottles of different specifications. The connecting part adopts hoop design for convenient dimension.



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